I couldn't stop it..I didn't think it'd end like this.I had faith in the system.

I was wrong!

When a child goes missing

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It's Almost Tuesday

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A fictional reenactment based on true events within the Texas Department of Family Protective Services foster care system , using the child's exact words when possible

"It's almost Tuesday…" is what I tell myself; even though it's only Wednesday; but in foster care, Wednesday is no different from any other day – except for Tuesday. It's the only hope I can find because Tuesday is the day I get to see my Mommy. Tuesdays are the best … but it seems like a lifetime waiting from Tuesday to Tuesday to get to Visit Day when I can be with My Mommy again…that is if Mom or Dad takes me…

Sometimes they don't.

I'm supposed to see MY Mommy for one whole hour, but the caseworker says my Mommy was a bad Mommy, so I think my caseworker runs late on purpose to make Mommy madder… but what did I do wrong? I'm the one away from home. The caseworker told me foster care was to punish bad parents, but it really punishes the kids. I'm only 8 and I know that, the caseworker has to be at least 30, can't she figure that much out?

Sometimes we only get to see each other for a few minutes but we're supposed to get a WHOLE hour! No matter what's going on, it's worth everything when Mommy hugs me and tells me it'll be okay. How does she know it'll be okay? They won't let me tell her what happens at home. When I say I'm going to tell my Mommy something, then they won't take me to visit her. So I don't dare tell Mommy and miss a Tuesday Visit.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007



CONTACT: Louise Uccio
PHONE: (917) 806-8301
FAX: (914) 965-3823



September 28, 2007

New York, Ms. Louise Uccio via her civil rights attorney has filed a lawsuit in The Supreme Court in the State of New York after the devastating affect of a false 2001 “Substantiated” Child Protective Services case against her. Defendants named in the lawsuit include: The case-worker, Noreen Boffa and various “John and Jane Does” unknown officers in the Administration for Child Protective Services, as well as the City of New York.

Ms. Uccio, a loving and devoted mother, and her children’s lives have been irreversibly destroyed over the last six years. She was accused and falsely found guilty of being a drug addict who attempted suicide. Ms. Uccio is alleging that her estranged abusive husband’s relentless pursuit to destroy her for leaving the marriage was the basis of four investigations by The Administration for Children’s Services in N.Y. and Division of Youth and Family Services in N.J. In 2001; leading to this lawsuit.

Ms. Uccio has been kept from her children for years with no visitation, no phone contact, and no access to medical or school records. Her estranged husband has successfully managed to alienate the children from her and erase her from their lives. This loving mother who diligently took care of her children according to her daughters pediatric cardiologist [Dr Putman] has lost six precious years from her children’s lives, during which time two of her children have aged out of the system.

Ms. Uccio has no history of drug abuse, as proven in the original documentation that was used to over turn this case, which was available and should have cleared her from the beginning had this case ever been properly investigated.

She was falsely accused, and maliciously prosecuted while she was able to prove her innocence from the start. She feels the case was able to be substantiated as a combined result of her civility, and respect for "authority", as well as her naive innocence and not knowing her constitutional rights.
Although the false “substantiated” case was over turned on July 12, 2006, Not only have Ms. Uccio and her children not been reunited there has been no visitation to date.

# # #

If you would like more information about this lawsuit or to schedule an interview with Louise Uccio please call (917) 806-8301 or contact her @


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